Need a food photographer for your business?

A beautifully captured food image will make the viewer's mouth water and their stomach rumble!.

Unlike corporate photography or product photography, a different skill-set is needed for food photography.The background is not the only important aspect.  The overall presentation of the food is important in creating the best impression possible.

A food photographer will pay close attention to the cuisine and nature of the food being captured. Fotovibez provides state of the art images, specialising in curating the food we shot into an enticing image.

We provide photography services for food photography, product, interiors and commercial photography in bangalore.

We play with the viewer’s imagination with finer details such as the accompanying ingredients. The placement of lemon wedges can bring to mind a slight tangy taste, and salt and pepper shakers will suggest that the food will be extra savoury.

Food photography in Bangalore should not simply be a picture of food, but also reflect the nature of the restaurant.We make your food products more than just an advertising stunt, but an art.

With portable studio equipment, Fotovibez is able to accommodate your food photography needs wherever you are.Whatever the size of the budget clients come to me because of my results & because I can organise all aspects of the team myself.

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Frequent Asked Questions

To create an accurate estimate, it’s important for us to understand exactly what the client is expecting. We understand that the person on the phone is usually just “feeling me out” to get an “idea” of costs, but the price can vary so much, We still need to know “about” what you are looking for. We will be happy to speak with you. Please call +91 9902012394

The answer is that yes, you should definitely attend the shoot if you can, and if not you, someone that you trust and that has the authority to make the decisions needed during the food photography shoot process.

BUT… if for some other reason, if you can’t be at the photo shoot or send a representative, someone will need to be available at their computer to make the necessary decisions.

We will deliver the photos to you in any format you wish.  The normal means is to deliver the images either electronically or on a DVD, or even a flash drive. 

We shoot photos as raw format.So the images are rather large and simply emailing them usually doesn’t work, but we can send them to you via a program called “wetransfer”.

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